The World's Toughest Job

I admit it – I’m kind of a sappy guy. Still I was caught by surprise by the emotional power lurking unexpectedly in this video.

How can something created with such obviously commercial motives have such strong impact? It is because the creators designed it to include authentic people and their authentic emotions.

Video is the most potent form of content available to communicators. It is truly “moving pictures” – not just in the technical sense, but in how it emotionally moves people like nothing else can, short of face-to-face communication. Video does this by letting people share more of themselves than can easily be shared with traditional content.

Corporations have discovered this secret weapon for engagement; we’re seeing a rapidly growing number of organizations adding video to their strategic platforms list.

It takes effort to make video work in an enterprise as well and as hard as other forms of content – storing, streaming and managing video content requires different technology and processes than traditional documents. But it’s worth it, since video drives collaboration and innovation in ways not possible with just words and diagrams.

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