On May 20th, Qumu welcomed senior professionals from a variety of industry sectors at The Brewery, in London for Video – Empowering the Enterprise, our first EMEA sponsored event which was imbued with a spirit of enthusiasm and great interest.

Inside and outside the plenary room, conversation buzzed with the thrill of innovation as delegates were taken on a journey through why and how to employ video and given a glimpse of where it is going.

vernVern Hanzlik, Qumu’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, kicked off the event to a good start by presenting about the new content management landscape, looking at the different systems being used and the importance to have a system in place that allows employees to easily store and access content.












SteveVonderHe was followed by Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research, who spoke about the evolution of enterprise video, from the past’s “click and pray-it-plays” days to today’s corporate YouTubes.







Wilke Hagelweide, Product Manager of Video at Bayer, Harpal Bhusate, CEO of Kinseed and Ryan Burnham, Manager of Technical Staff at eBay offered the audience a fascinating look into how their organizations have used the Qumu platform and how it has benefited them, from HR adoption to bring employees together to mobile adoption, from employee engagement and empowerment to collaboration.

IBMguyevChris Moore, Social Collaboration Consultant at IBM, covered the hot topic of the role of video within the social enterprise, offering an insight on how – and why – to become a social business while Claude Dupuis, Qumu’s VP of Engineering, talked the audience through the next wave of video innovation.











webcaststreamAlthough he couldn’t be there in person, Drew Keller, Founder of Storyguide.com, told us how to talk with an audience and not to an audience, how to take video beyond just a talking head, and how to tell a story, not state mere facts. It was the beginning of the day for Drew in Seattle and the end of a long day for people in London but video turned what in the past would have been just a long-distance conference call, or simply something not possible, into a personal, visual exchange of ideas.







Panel1A panel discussion chaired by Steve Vonder Haar and featuring Sonya Hathi of Melcrum and Cathy Brown of Engage for Success ended an exciting and very informative event. The discussion that followed was engaging and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions about what they had learnt during the day.

The event was attended by corporate communications professionals of companies across all sectors and its high turnout proved how video is today on everyone’s agenda.

Video is a ubiquitous tool and what we are seeing now is only the beginning. Deployment possibilities are endless and so is the room for more cutting-edge technology.

We look forward to our next event.