We’re back from Citrix’s annual Citrix Synergy event in sunny Los Angeles. At Synergy 2014 we sat in on a couple of panels to answer questions about how Qumu and Citrix are combining forces to develop new ways to bring enterprise video to employees, anywhere, any time. The audience had a lot of good questions and we came back to Qumu headquarters ready to share new ideas with everyone about enterprise video delivery.

In case you missed those presentations, here are a couple of the ways Qumu and Citrix are working together:

CloudBridge and VideoNet Edge
Qumu’s VideoNet Edge works in conjunction with Citrix’s CloudBridge platform to provide enterprise video at scale. Whether it is a CEO live webcast or a popular product demonstration, the VideoNet Edge ensures that you can both scale to meet the demands of tens of thousands of viewers and minimize bandwidth on the corporate WAN. Ultimately, ensure that the low impact upon your network will leave your critical Citrix services unaffected.

XenDesktop and Video Control Center
The Video Control Center works with HDX MediaStream to dramatically improve video playback experience. Instead of playing back video through an ICA channel to clients, the Video Control Center leverages HDX MediaStream to use the processing power of the endpoint device. Using Qumu’s PathFinder technology, a customer can map streams to different areas of the network to receive both optimized bitrates and codecs. The Video Control Center is compatible with both Windows Media and Flash redirection for live and on-demand streaming.

Find out more: VideoNet for Citrix Datasheet