It’s important to give employees a wide array of communication tools. Discovering which method of communication works best will enable employees to create personalized communication workflows that will foster creativity and innovation by creating a comfortable space for sharing ideas between coworkers.

Microsoft Lync provides a wide array of collaboration tools such as instant messaging, whiteboard, slide sharing and video and audio calls to give users the precise toolset they need to collaborate real-time with their team mates. Qumu is now offering an integration with Lync to enable those real-time collaborations to be taken further and leveraged throughout the enterprise.

Building on the native recording capabilities of Microsoft Lync, the Qumu Lync Client enables Lync users to automatically publish and share the valuable information from a recorded Lync session and, through Qumu’s Video Control Center, manage, organize and distribute that information throughout the enterprise.

When users record a Lync Meeting, they can capture a wide range of communication mediums such as audio, video, instant messaging, screen sharing, PowerPoint slides, whiteboard, and polling. Any of the presenters can record a meeting and save it on their computers. With the new Qumu Lync Client, the presenters can also upload and share the recorded session instantly. And, since Qumu seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, sessions can be instantly posted to SharePoint as well.

Users are able to define a wide variety of metadata options on their recording to specify things like title, channel, keywords, tags, author, description and more. The Qumu Lync Client also lets users edit recorded content as a part of the ingest workflow to give them a greater degree of control over their content from Lync sessions.

Unified communications is about options, and those options just got better with the Qumu Lync Client.