Aragon Research has chimed in on the burgeoning Enterprise Video market with the release of their first ever Aragon Globe for Video Content Management.

The Aragon team spent significant time with enterprises and suppliers in understanding this market. A key takeaway was the growing list of capabilities that are moving from optional to necessary on corporations’ video requirements lists.

For example, Aragon found that the leading demands from users are Social and Mobile capabilities, and easy access to both live and on-demand video.  Until recently, many enterprises had dreams of a single platform that could do all of these things. Now they are table stakes.

Another key insight: video is content, and needs to be managed as well as any other form of enterprise content.  A best-in-class video platform needs to aggregate, manage and serve up all of an enterprise’s video assets – from live broadcasts and training content to web conferences, video conference rooms and other interactive presentation recordings.

Qumu is proud to be in the Leader category of the Aragon Globe – the same position we hold in the latest research from Gartner, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan.  We are offering our readers a free copy of the Aragon Research Globe Report – enjoy!

UPDATE: Vern Hanzlik shared his thoughts on Aragon Research and their new Globe report in this video:

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