Promotional videos can help to bring your message, your product and your company to life. We’ve compiled six tips to help you create a professional and engaging promotional video for your company.

  1. Multi-purpose your video. Shoot videos in such a way that you can leverage clips and elements in other pieces. This will help you to develop a library of video clips for future projects.
  2. Choose a strong concept. The concept is the core of a good video. A video without a concept is empty space. Make sure to discuss and refine your concept before you begin shooting.
  3. Know your audience. Make sure that you have your target audience in mind when you start shooting. This will inform everything from length, to style to content.
  4. Don’t ignore your script. A strong script is vital to the success of your video. Write and refine before you begin shooting to have a smooth and painless filming and editing process.
  5. Be realistic. As much as everyone wants to make a Hollywood-level video every time, make sure your ideas and your resources are within the same scope. This will save you and your crew time and effort.
  6. Keep your videos short and simple. Generally, ideal lengths range from 2 – 5 minutes. If you can’t fit everything in to this time frame, consider making a series of videos that are more easily digestible.

Producing a promotional video is challenging, fun and highly rewarding. Hopefully, with these few tips, you are able to produce promotional videos that stand apart.