What goes on behind the subject of your video can be as important as the video itself. Your background ambiance makes your videos compelling to viewers and in a way helps in retaining viewer attention. In an enterprise environment, background has a very important role in conveying a the right atmosphere to your target audience. Whether it is a professional, outward-facing video or an informal, internal communication the background provides a subtle but important flavor to your videos. Here are some enterprise background options that you can consider:

Basic colors

Simple colors help in maintaining the viewer’s focus on the subject of the video. To a video creator, a solid, simple color background can seem boring but will emphasize the content in the foreground of the video.

Chroma Key

Recording your video with a green screen behind the subject enables you to experiment with a wide variety of options. All you have to do is replace the basic green with the background of your choice, and most modern day high-end professional video editing software will allow you to do this.

Indoor scenes

Try experimenting with some activity in the background. This can help make the video look interesting. They do it all the time on news channels, and it may be worth experimenting with in an enterprise environment. Don’t over-do it, though, too much activity in the background can be distracting and take attention away from the subject.

Outdoor video

Recording a corporate interview outside, on a bright sunny day can strike a perfect balance between business and pleasure. A natural setting or perhaps an outdoor shot of your corporate headquarters can provide an interesting change of scenery for your videos.. Shooting under natural light is also a good way to get good lighting for your video without having to deal with extraneous lighting setups. Like with indoor scenes, take care to avoid unwanted background activity and noise to keep the focus on the main action of the video. Now you can start experimenting with different background options and producing innovative yet professional looking enterprise videos.

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