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We just got back from Ragan Communications’ event at Disneyworld and are feeling energized about a lot of things that we learned from all of the incredible presentations. Something really stuck out in terms of the changing face of communications and the role video plays in that field.

The big hook of Ragan Disney was about telling stories to engage your audience. Conveying personality and creating a sense of connection are two of the main touchstones that many of the attendees took from the presentations.

We believe that video is the perfect medium to convey these aspects of engaging content. Here’s why:

Video is eye catching – Which would you rather do, slog through 15 pages of a dense presentation and try to extract the pertinent information, or watch a two minute video where a presenter delivers the information, highlighting the most important pieces? Video has the power to condense information into compact and compelling pieces that efficiently and entertainingly deliver content.

Video is personal – No matter what other medium you use, something is missing. Whether it’s written, audio only or in infographic format, some element of what makes face to face communication is missing. Video is the best way to convey the emotional impact of a real person communicating outside of actually being there.

Video is everywhere – Look no further than the Ragan Disney recap videos to show that video is already being used by the people who eat, sleep and breathe communication. From Disney to Ragan CEO, Mark Ragan, everyone was not just talking about video, but using it, too.

We’ve compiled some of the Ragan Disney recap videos so you can see for yourself how storytelling through video is one of the ways that Business Does Video: