Enterprises today are looking at ways and means of studying the human factors of their business environment that in some form influence their employees’ ability to be productive and deliver quality results efficiently. To deliver results externally, enterprises implement changes internally in their attempt to adapt to changing trends like the consideration of human factors. Companies today are focusing on the human factor elements internally, one major factor being the way employees collaborate within the enterprise.

Video is a major way in which the human factor of collaboration is seeing change. Here are five reasons why:

1. Humans learn by doing. Employees are productive when they learn things quickly. With the ability to effectively communicate complex ideas visually and through text and sound, video is considered one of the best ways to efficiently learn and master an activity.

2. Humans work better together. One of the best ways to deliver results is to work in an team environment. Connecting to team members, no matter their location, has never been easier with video. Now with video-enabled mobile devices and enterprise video portals, it’s simple to share ideas, ask questions and collaborate with a team.

3. Humans like to be recognized. In today’s social enterprise, recognition is an important element of the way coworkers interact with each other. Posting a video on an internal video portal is an excellent way to engage viewers and drive social feedback such as liking, commenting and sharing.

4. Humans want tools that #MakeWorkBetter. Video is everywhere. It can be used for a wide range of functions in business – be it product demos, training, meeting recordings, announcements, and even fun activities. Its one tool that simplifies a lot of tasks and works well with almost everyone and everything.

5. Humans want to feel connected. Video helps to keep people connected. Whether through videoconferencing, live webcasts, social, on-demand idea sharing, the possibilities are endless. Despite geographical distribution, video gives collaboration a face, ideas a voice and knowledge a new way to move quickly and easily throughout the enterprise.

With so many human-centric advantages, video today is fast becoming a critical element in the human factors of how business works.

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