Office Video at SPConf 2014

Video has been a popular topic at SPC 2014 in Las Vegas this week – both with the attendees that we’ve met at the event, and with Microsoft itself.

We’ve had so many companies stop by our booth to talk about their challenges with video and how they can successfully deploy it on SharePoint with Qumu at enterprise scale.

On Tuesday Microsoft announced Office Video, an integrated video portal and player for Office 365 using SharePoint as a data store and Azure Media Services for streaming.

Microsoft’s announcement is a proof point to what we’ve been seeing in the enterprise over the past few years: video is taking a seat at the ‘office content’ table with documents, emails, messages and other content.  As the Microsoft team stated so well in their presentation:

Video is now a requirement, not a luxury.

At Qumu, we are excited because we know that we can help enterprises with some of the most vexing challenges that come from implementing video at scale in a large organization, challenges that go beyond what Office Video is addressing:

  • Live broadcasts across a global organization
  • On Premises deployment – or Cloud, or Hybrid
  • Speech Search of video content to make video knowledge accessible to all
  • Robust permissions and security management
  • Storing and organizing massive quantities of video content
  • Integration with multiple enterprise platforms and network infrastructures
  • Analytics that measure video usage at the individual level
  • Secure download and DRM
  • Managed services that offload video management and delivery tasks

Microsoft is a great partner of ours, and it’s great to be able to offer such a complementary solution for their SharePoint users. Qumu’s enterprise video solution is a great fit for those that need more than what Office Video has to offer.

We’re looking forward to continuing our work together to meet those needs for our common customers.