Mobile Cloud Video

IBM, Microsoft, Gartner, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal – it seems like everyone is talking about Mobile First and Cloud First. And for good reason. They are pivotal changes in information technology that are dramatically changing the way businesses operate.

Mobile First and Cloud First are not incremental effects – they are transformational. What was formerly an option is now becoming the standard. Like the shift from mainframes to minicomputers, they redefine how things are done on a grand scale.

Cloud First: transformational computing

The shift to the Cloud turns the concept of the data center inside out. As the Cloud changes from a viable to a preferable option for companies and individuals, entire industries are reinventing themselves.

Cloud First changes the rules for how and where the world processes and stores information. This ‘new normal’ will empower businesses and individuals in almost everything they do.

Mobile First: transformational access

Similarly, the shift to Mobile is reinventing practically every industry. It’s more than the move to smartphones – as if that weren’t enough.  The Internet of Things is enabled by a similar rethinking of what a computing endpoint is, and is on a path to change almost every ‘thing’ in our lives.

Mobile First changes the rules for access points to computing and content from a specific place to everywhere, which is incredibly empowering. We are all experiencing the early effects of this change in our daily lives. And there is much more to come.

There’s a third area where the same dynamics are taking shape: the actual content that is being stored in the Cloud and shared via Mobile.  We see content shifting to video.

Video First: transformational content

Video is richer, more authentic and more information-dense than any other form of content. Until recently, it’s been difficult for most users to create and deliver, which has limited its use.

As enterprises implement video platforms that make video easier to create and deliver, video is becoming the default communication tool for executive broadcasts.  It is well on its way to being the first choice for communication and collaboration for all employees. At my company I submit trouble tickets to our Support team by recording a video that captures the problem on my screen in much less time (and with more detail) than I ever could with an email.  And it takes seconds.

At Qumu we see a turning point in the not-too-distant future where people will choose video first to communicate. It will start with situations where they most need to get their point across, and will expand to become the default method of rich communication across the board.

This will change the content world in much the same way that Mobile and the Cloud are changing the computing world now.

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