Now that you have a professional camera, and you’ve mastered the basics of shooting video, it’s time to try something more creative. Have you explored some non-traditional approaches that can make your professional video stand out?

This is especially valuable in an enterprise environment. If you are trying to record an executive interview, or if you are recording a marketing demo, the videos may sometimes turn out to be too straight and serious, which may result in loss of viewer interest.

When you are faced with such a situation, you can make use of your creative instincts to turn things around and make such videos interesting. Here are few easy techniques that can make you a creative video artist:

  • Try placing your camera in different positions after you have taken your standard wide, medium and close-up shots.
  • Try going above and below the subject. For example, get above your subject to shoot down. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in angle to add drama to the video you’re recording.
  • Using a tripod is no doubt a best practice. After you have recorded your video, try taking the camera off the tripod and start shooting off your shoulder. You never know, this may get you some interesting results. This will improve your mobility if you’re trying to record something with a lot of action involved.
  • Use your camera to represent the eyes of your subject.

Opportunities for creativity are limitless, and the experimental shots you record will sometimes turn out brilliantly. With that said, sometimes they are a bust. Just remember to get the routine shots you’ve always gotten to use as backups so you’re not left with nothing.