Good videos start with good camera work. No matter how carefully you plan a video recording session and no matter how much effort you spend on editing the video, you just can’t make a good video out of lousy footage. With that said, quality video is easy to record, and here are the seven blunders that you must make sure to avoid.

  • Motorzooming: Don’t overuse the on-screen zooms. Especially, while recording a screencast. Most modern screen recording software lets you zoom in and out of the screen. While this is useful in focusing on specific areas of interest, overuse of on-screen zooms eventually results in disturbing the viewers attention.
  • Rooting: Stand up and explore instead of staying in one spot. Look for interesting angles. Contrary to the idea that most corporate videos need you to record videos from a stationary position, there is no hard and fast rule that you should not be exploring interesting angles. At the end of the day, its all about recording a perfect professional video, and not about how you get results.
  • Firehosing: Avoid panning all over the scene. This essentially results in shaky videos that eventually damages the video quality.
  • Headhunting – Not all videos need to be solely talking heads, play around with the scale of your subject and how much of the external scene you are capturing to create dynamic videos.
  • Upstanding: Avoid shooting everything from standing eye-level. Instead apply the rule of thirds. It takes away the monotony from your video and helps it look interesting and appealing.
  • Snapshooting: Avoid taping only two or three seconds per shot. Let the camera roll. You may be looking to capture few seconds of vital video, but there is always a chance of missing those few seconds or recording bad videos. Instead take your time to record a longer segment, and you can always crop the unnecessary part while editing. You can also leverage extra footage as b-roll.
  • Backlighting—Avoid too much backlight. Excessive background lighting actually takes the viewer attention away from the subject.

Hopefully by avoiding these common blunders, you are able to get closer to recording your perfect enterprise video.