Nintendo released their first Nintendo Direct “episode” of 2014 on February 13. Since 2012 Nintendo has been producing these 30-50 minute webcasts on a bi-monthly basis and has been able to garner global live viewership that sometimes tops out at over 1 million people. In each episode a Nintendo executive presents up-and-coming games, and gives viewers insight into Nintendo’s roadmap for the future. In the most recent Nintendo Direct, CEO Satoru Iwata addresses global viewers and personally introduces every new game in the 40-minute webcast.

Iwata is the type of executive who understands the value that video can bring to the enterprise. Whether he is providing a personal face to the company that is rolling out the new Super Smash Bros. game or personally unboxing one of the first Wii U consoles, Iwata knows that the authenticity of video counts, that it makes a human connection that is so often lost through text or even voice recording.

Another video project Iwata has spearheaded is an interview program called, “Iwata Asks” where he interviews the production teams for various games and consoles in the Nintendo family and gives viewers a chance to connect the people behind the game to the players who enjoy it. This kind of authenticity has resonated with viewers who flock to new Nintendo videos either live or on-demand. At the time this blog was written, the most recent Nintendo Direct was not even a day old and had already amassed over 250,000 views.

All of the examples I’ve given are public facing videos, but imagine what kind of connection, transparency and inspiration an executive could deliver to his or her employees with this attitude toward the power of video. If Satoru Iwata can generate excitement and provide insight into his business with his customers, just think of what a global executive could do with the enterprise video medium.

I’ve talked about executive enterprise video use before, but it’s a topic that deserves to be revisited. Executives steer the trends and habits of their employees. With an executive like Satoru Iwata or Microsoft’s newly minted CEO, Satya Nadella, video adoption in the enterprise is on the rise. Find out more about how enterprise video platforms are revolutionizing video in the workplace for employees and executives alike.