In my previous post – ‘Better enterprise video with the Rule of Thirds: Part I’ , I introduced you to the useful concept of the Rule of Thirds. In this post let’s go one step forward and talk about how to effectively apply it.

While some find it easy to implement, others struggle with the Rule of Thirds. Here are some tips on the Rule of Thirds that you can use with you next video project.

  • Visualize the rule: The easiest way to implement the Rule of Thirds is to imagine a grid while planning and shooting your video. This will help you focus on the subject and the end result will be a professional looking video.
  • Crop your videos if you have to: The easiest way to focus on specific objects is to zoom in or focus on your subject. You can still take care of this during post-production, however, by cropping the shot. Crop your videos following the Rule of Thirds to focus on the subject.
  • It comes with practice: For some, it may be difficult to catch up, but the key here is patience which eventually gets you results. The Rule of Thirds can be mastered with patience and practice.
  • Remember to break the rule: There’s no law that you have to follow this rule. Its just a guideline to help you capture professional looking videos. Once you get used to it, you can always break the rules and experiment.

Hopefully, these tips encourage you to try the ‘Rule of Thirds’ the next time you record a professional video. At the end of the day, it all comes down to doing what it takes to get that perfect video, and this is just one way the professionals use to capture the right shot.

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