The Rule of Thirds (a.k.a the Golden Mean) is a common principle or practice that has been used by  professional videographers for years.  You can make your video look professional using different camera angles and techniques, but even with them, your shots will look awkward if you don’t apply the Rule of Thirds.

So what exactly is it? Well, The Rule of Thirds basically cuts a frame into nine separate boxes with four distinct lines. The Rule relies on the fact that to produce a good visual, its elements must align with the guidelines, with the most interesting parts placed on the points of interest (line intersections) and the horizon generally resting on the lower line.

So, how is it useful?

  • It helps in creating the right balance: Following this rule helps in justifying the involvement of all elements on the screen. The on-screen elements look proportional and nothing feels out of place.
  • It follows the natural viewing path: Viewers don’t lose focus. Viewers are drawn towards the specific point of interest.
  • It accommodates space for movement. This rule helps in retaining the viewers’ interest on an object in motion. This is achieved by providing enough space for the object to move.

The Rule of Thirds is usually applied while recording a video. Having said that, it can also be applied in post-production through cropping and other editing techniques. So, the next time you record a video, try applying the Rule of Thirds to get that perfect professional looking video.