Citrix announced the CSX ecosystem of their Citrix CloudBridge family today. The CSX ecosystem is the next step in “building a strategic networking solution that securely, efficiently and effectively connects the branch to the enterprise cloud network.” Qumu has partnered with Citrix ┬áto leverage the power of enterprise video through the CSX ecosystem.

Increasingly, businesses are using cloud-based architectures and third-party providers to host a wide range of data in the cloud. While this solution is cost effective and highly scalable, it presents problems when businesses need to deliver large files, such as video, companywide, especially when offices are distributed around the country or the globe.

With Qumu’s Citrix-ready, verified VideoNet Edge solution, companies will be able to provide a stellar live and on-demand streaming video experience to all employees by centralizing provisioning and positioning of video and related content. By leveraging the Cloudbridge CSX ecosystem, businesses can minimize bandwidth usage on the corporate WAN and optimize their networks for video delivery.

Qumu and Citrix, a partnership that brings video to your communications infrastructure. Learn more about the Qumu and Citrix solution here.

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