Microsoft has a new CEO. Satya Nadella, “Microsoft’s server and enterprise guy,” has been tapped to take the helm of the technology giant immediately with the retirement of Steve Ballmer. In his introductory interview, released the day his promotion was announced, Nadella cited a cloud-and-mobile-forward approach that will usher Microsoft into the next era. Far from a household name, the video also gave both Microsoft employees and the public at large a chance to learn not just about Nadella’s corporate strategy, but about who he is and how he thinks.

This is the type of connection that is made so much easier through video than through text or even audio. In the video, you can see Nadella’s intelligent energy and his enthusiasm for the job he is about to do coming through as he discusses the road ahead for Microsoft. Using video to introduce a new executive is simply more effective than any other medium. Watching a video provides an authenticity, a feeling of spontaneity and lets the viewer feel as though they have, in some way, been in contact with the executive. Whether delivering updates to corporate strategy, discussing financial returns or simply recapping the previous week or quarter, video is a perfect way to connect executives to their employees around the world or just around the office.

Perhaps even more telling on this subject is the fact that both Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates, and retiring CEO, Steve Ballmer, made welcome videos for Nadella. These videos are not simply communications between executives, but video documentation for the employees, the shareholders and those of us watching at home that Nadella has the honest and earnest support of the most important people at Microsoft. Once again, the highest executives at one of the largest technology companies in the world are using video to connect to their employees and to the world around them.

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