IBM Connect


IBM’s new whitepaper Applying Social Business states that “a Social Business is more than social media.” It requires a change in culture, and a change in how everyday business gets done:

“A social business is an organization whose culture and practices encourage networks of people including employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders, to create business value. They will embed social interactions into core business process and apply analytics to gain insights from network interactions.”

One of the most powerful and intuitive tools enterprises can use to transform a business socially is video. Employees are adopting video in their personal lives and want to bring it to their work lives.  A recent Qumu survey found that 90% of enterprise employees surveyed see video as a valuable tool in their jobs.

Fully integrated video

As IBM understands so well, video needs to be fully integrated within a company’s infrastructure to be effective.  That’s why we at Qumu provide a full integration of our video solutions with IBM Connections and WebSphere.

Employees can watch executive broadcasts live or on demand, learn from their peers and create video blogs – all within their familiar IBM enterprise collaboration portals.

Solving the scaling problem

“Fully integrated” means more than what the user sees.  Behind the scenes, Qumu has solved the scaling challenge that plagues many video solutions today.  It’s one thing to share a few videos within a department or small organization; it’s quite another to stream a live broadcast to tens of thousands of employees around the globe.

And don’t forget about other enterprise-ready considerations like security, approval workflows, bandwidth management and mobile delivery.  To be a full-fledged member of the enterprise team, video has to meet all of these requirements – whether in the Cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid implementation.

Video is an essential component to a truly social business. Make sure your solution is ready for this strategic role.

We are excited to be at IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando this week.  Please stop by and visit us at Booth 300 A-D.