In the past few weeks we’ve talked a lot about the ways in which video is moving away from its traditional homes in the workplace. No longer relegated to the studio and the high-def camera or the desktop and the webcam, video is now able to be captured on-the-go and in the field. Now police are using wearable cameras to capture evidence on the fly and almost anyone can capture video any time with a mobile phone.

Cameras are getting smaller, more cost-effective and more user friendly, and with that change, video is going places. A few months ago a YouTube user named Srachi uploaded a video he had recorded by strapping his GoPro camera to the back of a trained eagle and letting the bird soar over the hillsides of the French Alps. Other videos show animals like seagulls, lions and even dolphins picking up unattended GoPros and taking them for a ride!

Animals stealing video cameras may not seem like it has an application in the enterprise, but if you look at what these videos are saying about the possibilities of video, there’s a strong connection. These small, affordable cameras were dropped from heights by birds, taken underwater and even chewed on by a lion and they all had one thing in common: we can watch the videos from these cameras online. Imagine being able to bring cameras into emergency situations, to film dangerous industrial malfunctions or to use cameras to get a vantage point on a situation you otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve. Now imagine relaying that dense and specific information you’ve recorded to the people who can use it to save lives and fix problems. Video doesn’t live in the studio anymore, and with durable, portable cameras, enterprise video can leave the desktop.