All over the world, wearable cameras are becoming a part of police officers’ toolkits. The benefit of wearable cameras is twofold. First, recorded interactions will provide impartial evidence to any complaints filed against the police, and second, wearable cameras can provide extra evidence for criminal activities witnessed by the officer.

Video is not a new aspect of law enforcement. From traffic cameras to dashboard-mounted video recorders, video has been a crucial part of a police officer’s day-to-day for many years. Now, however, with many cities lobbying for every active duty officer to be wearing one on their uniform, the sheer amount of video data is set to increase significantly.

We can draw this trend out into other aspects of daily life, especially in the workplace. The world is beginning to recognize the value of video when it comes to communicating, documenting and viewing complex information. Now that video recording devices are small enough to fit in a pocket, that value has never been more important or useful.

Using an enterprise video platform is the best way to organize, distribute and experience video in the workplace. As video use becomes as inseparable from business workflow as email or documents, an enterprise video platform will be an essential part of the way the enterprise works.

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