Buried in a recent Southwest Airlines TV commercial is a milestone for mobile video: Southwest is now offering entertainment on their flights by streaming it to users’ devices.

This is big.  Goodbye seat-back screens. Goodbye roller cart full of video players. BYOD is going mainstream.

This decoupling of content and devices is the next step in the evolution of Content Everywhere. IT organizations everywhere have been navigating a similar dynamic for the past few years.

It makes perfect sense. People are increasingly making their own choices when it comes to devices, and organizations need to accept that their role is to deliver content to whatever device their audience chooses. Without that ability, they will no longer be able to reach them with their content.

For enterprise video, this makes BYOD mobile support a core requirement for success. And not only for consumption – the firms that are successful are enabling their employees to create and share their videos from their smartphones across the organization too.

I predict that Southwest’s shot across the bow will soon lead to BYOD across the airline industry. This train is leaving the station. If you haven’t given your employees a similar ability yet, you are falling behind.

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