Video is a popular enterprise tool, used for almost anything like presentations, training, simulations etc – the list is endless. SharePoint is another tool on which enterprises rely heavily. Integrating video into SharePoint can make the best of both worlds.

Here are some tips that can help you in setting up the right infrastructure:

  • Storage: SharePoint is designed for smaller files and is actually great for documents. When you are planning to implement video, which generally has a considerably higher average file size for a large audience, SharePoint’s Content Database is not always the best storage option. Consider storing videos outside SharePoint while keeping an eye on a smooth native delivery experience. You can start looking at cloud-based solutions that integrate seamlessly with SharePoint.
  • Distribution and Streaming: To ensure a smooth viewing experience, focus on building a good delivery infrastructure. Consider working with external content  delivery network (CDN) providers who specialize in this area of expertise.
  • Transcoding:  Make sure that the videos are transcoded for the target devices. Since the focus is on serving video through SharePoint, make sure that the video is optimized for desktops. At the same time, user mobility is becoming one of the most important aspects of today’s workplace. Ensure that your videos are also transcoded and optimized to be served on a wide array of devices and across multiple platforms. Consider integrating with a third-party  transcoding service that can accept various file formats.

With increasing use of video in the enterprise, its great to have an enterprise video portal, and even better when its integrated to something like your internal SharePoint. But this requires a bit of planning to ensure a seamless integration and to deliver the best viewer experience. Keep these tips in mind when starting your video integration with SharePoint to provide the best user experience for your employees.

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