Richard Raddon has it right when he says that video is the future of social. His thought-provoking All Things Digital article makes many compelling arguments – it’s a great read and worth your time.

What stuck out to me was his observations on the shelf life of video vs. other forms of social media, and this stunning fact: a Facebook post gets half its views within 30 minutes of being published, while more than half a YouTube video’s views come after three weeks of uploading.

Video has a staying power that can’t be matched by Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn. These are transient communications; video is a more permanent record that remains relevant and retains value over time.

Businesses take note: ¬†while there is a place for the instant communication that traditional social messaging platforms provide, video provides something that they can’t: an accumulating repository of compelling content that can move and change your organizations towards where you need them to go.

Video plays this powerful role because it’s got the permanence of a document and the real-time engagement of social media. And with today’s technology, you can now put it in the hands of your employees as easily as every other form of communication.

Take your enterprise social strategy seriously, and put video in the mix. You’ll reap the benefits for a very long time.