Top Tips for Enterprise Video from Melcrum Ltd. on Vimeo.

Our senior vice president and general manager, Vern Hanzlik, was recently interviewed by communications research analysts, Melcrum, at the Gartner event in London. Here are a few tips Vern had to offer:

  1. Deliver it right: Know your audience and what your video is for. For most video, shorter is better, keep your information concise and to-the-point to deliver your video with maximum impact, but make sure you’re not leaving out important information.
  2. Know your production scope: Access to video capture technology is on the rise, this highlights the importance of the right production values. User-generated content has relatively low production values (and costs) and is good for quick, interpersonal communication. When trying to reach a larger audience, however, production, editing and video quality go a long way to catching the eye of your potential viewers.
  3. Control viewer access: Video is a powerful tool for communicating complex ideas. In the past, sites like YouTube enabled the sharing of videos but left a lot to be desired in the way of security. With an enterprise video platform you can maintain control over each individual video so it reaches the people who need to see it and is safe from those who don’t.
  4. Ask for help if you need it: Video production and live webcasts are hard. Video and live webcast production professionals can be a valuable part of your video toolkit and ensure that your videos and webcasts look professional and have a lasting impact on your corporate video culture.
  5. Be prepared for video: Networks are getting more robust, video-enabled mobile devices are becoming commonplace in the workforce, video has developed into an everyday tool for information sharing for most people. Enterprise video will be a mainstream piece of content that people want to consume. Implementing an enterprise video platform into your business’ communications infrastructure will help to securely and efficiently organize and distribute that video content throughout your company.

You can watch the video here to learn more about enterprise video from Qumu’s Vern Hanzlik.