Explainer videos are simple and attractive web videos that supplement textual information in audio-visual form. They are effective ways to present information on your business, products or services and usually range from one to three minutes. Here are three key focus areas that can help you get started on your first explainer video:

Build your video around a solid script

The power of explainer videos lies in the script. Keep your script’s focus strong, highlight important features and answer a few questions that your potential customers might have by showing proofs. The script for your explainer video should be short and to the point, you’re not filmingĀ The Godfather after all!

Use a voice-over

Voice-over narration complements the message in your video and adds value to your story. Explainers should be simple and to the point while conveying the maximum amount of information within the time frame. Voice-over combined with visual demonstration is an easy way to communicate a lot of information in a short period.

Perform A/B tests

Because explainer videos are short and simple, they are easier to create and deploy. Making two different versions and tracking their plays is an easy way to find out what your audience enjoys and what techniques were successful. Paying special attention to your engagement stats will help you figure out how you need to modify your video to maximize conversions.

With growing popularity of explainer videos, everyone is trying to create and showcase one. With these simple tips you’ll have an explainer video of your own up and running in no time!

Image Source: goanimate.com