Image Courtesy of Huffington Post

I’m looking for a new tablet. Despite my best intentions I ended up spending several hours on Black Friday surfing through different online storefronts looking for that one killer deal on a tablet that Santa could leave under the tree for me this year. I found several that were in my price range and started researching reviews.

YouTube is a surprisingly deep resource for product reviews, especially for technology products like tablets. Even though stores like Best Buy have started to nail down their omnichannel experience models, watching a video of an independent reviewer putting a product through its paces beats standing in line to have a salesperson try to upsell you to the next biggest and brightest (and most expensive) piece of technology. I’ll do my research and my shopping in my sweat pants, thank you very much.

In the enterprise, video research and discovery is a tool that can help save you time and your company money as well. As I mentioned in last week’s post, even when the information you need is within a larger video, tools like speech search can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Video has the added benefit of delivering both visual and audio information at the same time. This can help employees understand processes faster and even diagnose problems more easily.  Accelerating time to knowledge makes employees more efficient and informed, and that’s just good business.

An enterprise video platform can deliver a single location for all of your company’s video knowledge so your employees can take research to the next level, even if they’re not in their sweatpants.