* NOTE: Qumu’s Enterprise Video platform is now called Qx. Please check out the latest information on Qumu Qx, the most extensible, end-to-end video platform. Thank you!

Enterprise video has come a long way since Qumu first launched Video Control Center over a decade ago. Today we’re excited to be launching Video Control Center version 7, which has several innovations that make enterprise video even faster and easier for those managing it – and for those consuming it too.

Flexible portal pod structure

We’ve redesigned the portal structure around “pods” – easily configured modules that greatly simplify layouts and make your portal look great. You can easily switch between list views, scrolling thumbnails, and displaying program details.

With pods and HTML 5, your portal dynamically readjusts the layout to match viewer screen size and resolution. Mobile just got easy – and looks great.

The pod structure also makes searching and sharing programs easier. Speech Search is now inside of the player, retaining its searchability when embedded in another website. And there is a separate RSS feed for every pod.

Webcasts are easier

We’ve added Self-Service Webcasts. It’s no longer necessary to use the administrator interface to plan and launch a live event. With preset templates, webcasts can be easily set up and launched with your familiar settings already in place.


Video Control Center version 7 uses responsive design, which means the portal and player look great on any mobile device your employees choose to use.

A powerful new feature is secure download of videos to mobile devices for offline viewing. Viewers can view downloaded videos anywhere on iOS and Android devices with the Qumu mobile app, but the videos remain fully encrypted, and can be remotely wiped from the device by an administrator.

Multi-language support

Video Control Center 7.0 is now available in Japanese, German and Spanish, in addition to English. Stay tuned for even more language support in 2014.

Qumu’s Video Control Center 7.0 expands the power of video, making the creation, management and distribution of video faster and easier than ever before.

Here’s a short video introducing Video Control Center 7.0.  

Register here to view a webcast and demo of Video Control Center available Monday, November 25.

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