Today, live webcasts are very popular with companies – particularly effective in building customer relations, product launches and brand positioning. Knowing how to properly host one makes them even more valuable. Especially, when webcasts are public or for external audiences. Here are eight tips that can effectively help you in hosting an event as well as ensure that it runs smooth.

  1.  First things first,  start with a pre-event checklist with tasks that are important to ensure a smooth event. Checklists help you in avoiding unpleasant surprises.
  2. Start building event awareness. Having the right audience listen and participate in your live event is a basic step responsible for the success of an event.
  3. Focus on engaging the participants. Use ways and means that make the event interactive. Enabling participants to interact and engage with the host is crucial for the success of your event. Experiment with live chats or polls.
  4. Perhaps the most important technical factor is internet connectivity. Use a high speed dedicated network connection for hosting a webcast. Make sure you have a back-up network connection to fall back on in case of a contingency.
  5. Focus on the quality of streaming media. Use tried and tested A/V equipment, reliable encoders with proprietary software, dependable content delivery network, and streaming support infrastructure.
  6. Pay special attention to background. Avoid dull backgrounds and make sure that there is good lighting.
  7. If you are using presentations in your webcasts, optimize all presentation slides for online viewing. Try using 24 point text and use full scale pictures.
  8. Remember to record and archive live webcasts. They are valuable for viewers who may not be able to attend the live event, but interested in viewing on-demand.

These are some basic steps that can help you get started in planning your first live webcast. For seasoned professionals, this is probably a refresher on their usual checklists. Plan right and make your live event a great success!