In this article, economist, journalist and technologist JP Rangaswami outlines one of the key benefits of using the cloud for business. He writes,

“The cloud is not just about flexibility of access to compute power and storage and bandwidth, or about avoiding the thankless tasks of software installations, maintenance and upgrades…(It’s about) the capacity to change. Designed as an integral function. Native.”

Leveraging video through the cloud can help businesses achieve never before seen levels of clarity and speed of the kind of communication that drives that change and brings new ideas to light. Simply sharing video files through the cloud, however, is not enough. It needs integrated functionality.

Enterprise video platforms have brought integrated video functionality to businesses’ internal networks. By providing playback, streaming, on-demand video, cataloguing and even social features, enterprise video platforms have transformed video into a powerful tool for business communication. Cloud instances have also been essential in creating connections across the globe for many of the world’s largest businesses. Connecting the two, with native video platform functionality through the cloud is a new step toward creating the communication that will power the next evolution in business.

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