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Ed Cho has his hands full.

His team produces 350 live events a year, and more than twice that many video productions. With those numbers, you would think he works in Hollywood.

Nope. Ed works for NetApp, a fast-growing storage company with 131 offices worldwide that has adopted video in a big way for internal communication and collaboration.

The NetApp Multimedia Group is able to create, edit, manage and deliver this amazing volume of video because of their people, processes and technology. Looking at their list of technology deployed in their solution, it’s clear that it takes a village to achieve these kind of results. Qumu is proud to be a big part of this team.


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The reason NetApp invests in this industry-leading capability is that video is delivering value for their business. They use it from top to bottom – from executive live global broadcasts to established training programs to employee-generated content for social collaboration.

This whitepaper is NetApp’s recipe for success. It’s a great read if you are interested in deploying a world-class enterprise video production environment.