Paypal narrow

From Mark Kraynak‘s perspective, intranets have been a step backwards for employee engagement since they took hold for internal communications about 15 years ago.

Sure, intranets do some things very well: efficiently connect people in new ways, provide better access to news and help people communicate. But as often as not, they lack a soul. Communications teams can get dazzled by the technology and forget about storytelling, which is what truly engages people.

Mark should know. He is responsible for global communications at PayPal, part of ebay Inc., but he came there after years as a journalist.

On TV@Work, a great new podcast from Ron Shewchuck, Mark talks about the creative work he’s doing at PayPal to engage employees there like never before.  His most effective tool is PayPal in 90 Seconds, a weekly video program distributed globally to PayPal employees.

Employees need more than information. They need something to believe in, something to be a part of.  Stories help create meaning, and videos tell stories better than almost any other medium available.

From Mark and Ron’s perspective, technology is now at a point where stories can be told again in a compelling way that reach all employees.  PayPal is able to create their weekly program and broadcast it securely online to their employees around the globe. They can view it anytime, anywhere.  PayPal also uses live streaming to broadcast real-time events and messages from leadership.

Mark is demonstrating a powerful recipe for engagement: telling meaningful stories as they happen with video, regularly and globally. With tools like this, intranets can now finally reach their full potential.