Sometimes you have to step back and look beyond your business to get the answers you need. A clear example of the power of video to engage and deliver results comes from non-profit organizations.

Charities: all about engagement 

Charities are early adopters of social media and video, and it’s not surprising. Engagement is at the center of recruiting volunteers and fundraising. Without a message that can reach and change people, non-profits can’t succeed.

MediaShift calls it Charity 2.0, and it precedes the current social business trend by several years.  That makes it a good proof point of the value of video to engage and deliver results.

A case in point: Charity: Water has been using daily videos of Ethiopian wells and YouTube’s Call to Action feature to fund its projects.

Non-profits’ use of social media and video is a useful example of what your business can do internally to bring your team together, incite action and accelerate change.


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