And I’m not talking about Mad Money. ¬†Although Jim Cramer’s show does hint at the need and the value of enterprise video as a tool for bankers, traders and analysts.

The financial services market is all about time to knowledge. Whoever acts first on a good idea wins.

What Jim Cramer does is designed for the general public, but similar rapid fire, get-to-the-point communications are the purest, fastest form of information (next to a Bloomberg dashboard, at least) that gives financial industry players the nuanced edge they need to be first – whether they are making a trade or serving a client.

We’re seeing increased investment and adoption of video in our interactions with financial institutions. They are integrating video into their standard set of tools for their teams. Morning calls, high net worth client communications and agent uploads are examples where video is adding speed and depth to increase agility and performance.

Below is an interview with Qumu’s Vern Hanzlik on video trends from Global Banking & Finance Review.

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