wifionboardWhat’s that old joke? A car is just a pit that you buy so you can throw money into it? That is all too pertinent to my situation right now, my car has been in the shop for almost a week and I will (hopefully) see it return without too hefty of a price tag soon.

In my week of being without car I experimented with different ways of commuting to work before settling on taking the 684 bus out to the Qumu offices every morning. Today as I was on my way in I started thinking about a report I had just read about wifi for commuters. My bus ride extends the time it normally takes me to get to work in my car by about half an hour, so how do I spend that time? The way a lot of modern commuters do. On my mobile device, getting ready for the day, checking email, reading news stories and switching gears from half-asleep to ready-to-go mode.

After a while, the bumpy highway made it difficult for me to keep reading on my phone so I had to put it down and look out the window. While was watching the sun starting to climb over the city I started thinking about that article again. As more and more commuter modes become wifi enabled, the amount of data that you will be able to ingest will increase exponentially. Video has always been a medium that has been difficult to wrangle over 3g/4g mobile networks, but with commuter wifi, we can really begin to embrace video as a mobile business tool.

Video is visually stimulating, easy to digest and still packed full of information, perfect for getting up to speed on the days tasks while you’re still brushing out the cobwebs on your way into work. And with commuter wifi making headway every year, it looks like mobile business video is in the fast lane.