smart london

This article outlines ways that local governments in Britain are taking advantage of technology. The last one, about the Lambeth district in Central London, I think is particularly interesting. “Lambeth, driven by its vision to be the UK’s first co-operative council, is promoting digital tools and open data for collaboration with residents. The council’s first move was an online co-operative toolkit, hosted by the council but written by the borough’s tech-savvy community. Toolkit pages include an introduction to co-operative working, guidance on council-community collaboration and advice on sources of funding.”

Residents of Lambeth are able to have a virtual, 24/7 Townhall discussion, access information about their community and feel connected to the decision making processes that shape their neighborhood. What if you could bring this type of community to your business?

You can.

Social business platforms are nothing new – Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Connections and Oracle WebCenter have already changed the way we connect in the business world. But video is changing the way we connect to our social business platforms. Integrating an enterprise video solution with Sharepoint, Connections or WebCenter brings instantaneous information with a personal face to every employee in your organization and makes communication better.

Just like Lambeth is taking advantage of technology to bring the human element of their community closer, social business platforms and enterprise video can make your business stronger.