Workers are people too. Meaning that every employee brings their quirks, habits and favorite ways to navigate their personal lives with them to work every day.

Consumer behavior has been the driver for many technology advances in business. Device adoption for PCs, phones and tablets was accelerated by consumers. Data management has followed suit. Dropbox, anyone?

The newest consumer-driven business trend is in content.  Instagram, Vine, and Skype Messaging are the vanguards of a fast-developing behavioral change in video messaging.

Video – the new document

Millennials and other digital natives are bypassing old-fashioned email in favor of instant messages, but’s that old news. Now those instant messages are videos. Coupled with mobile device advances, people are sending rich video messages as easily (and maybe even easier) than they can send that email.

Corporations are responding, although at different rates. (Video Maturity levels vary widely across enterprises, but’s that’s a story for another day.) Some are launching social video portals that include video messaging features. From our experience, the most successful companies are those that are adding mobile/video blogging functionality to existing social portals like IBM Connections, Microsoft Sharepoint or Oracle Webcenter.

It’s a moving target to be sure. But an increasing number of companies are chasing this one because it’s at the core of their success: their employees’ engagement and empowerment in their work.

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Photo courtesy of theatlantic.com.