Clueless MechanicThis past weekend I got a text from my mother-in-law. All mother-in-law jokes aside, she was letting me know that she had noticed my left brake light was out as I was driving away from their house. The horror!

Being a fairly handy guy, I figured I could handle this by myself. I went out and purchased the right kind of bulb from Bobby & Steve’s Auto World and came home to poke around. After about ten minutes of frustration, gingerly prying at various panels in an attempt not to snap off some plastic part that would cause my car to explode or never work again, I decided that the internet would have an answer for me.

Lo and behold, searching for “replacing brake lights on a Subaru Outback” yields “about 1,780 results” according to YouTube. I watched the video on my desktop in my office and trekked back down to the garage, confident in my new automotive expertise.

Of course, by the time I got down there I had forgotten everything I had learned and was hopelessly lost when actually looking at the brake light. Fortunately, thanks to my trusty iPhone, I was able to pull up the same video I had watched on my desktop and find the exact spot I was having trouble with while I was in the garage, looking at the problem.

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