I remember the first time I saw someone watching a YouTube video on their phone. It was one of those first generation smartphones that still had buttons and maybe a slide-out keyboard. The video was a grainy, pixelated 10 seconds of a kid making an improbably full court basket at the end of a high school basketball game. It was amazing.

Watching video on a mobile device is a recent phenomenon, but it is booming. This article in the Economist cites British satellite-TV firm BSkyB who has seen their mobile TV subscribers reach 35% of their viewing audience. In this infographic, GSMA predicts that the amount of 4G and mobile broadband connections will increase from 62 million in 2012 to 920 million by 2017, enabling high quality video to go almost anywhere.

So what does this mean for business?

Mobile video is the future. Employees are already watching training videos, streaming video updates and capturing video with their smartphones, and that’s just the beginning.  Mobile broadband is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for mobile business video.

Can your business video keep up? Delivering video to a variety of devices, each with their own native formats can be troublesome for IT. Providing high quality video that doesn’t take a lifetime to load can be difficult to gauge, based on each mobile device’s connection speed and playback ability.

The speed of technology is moving faster and faster. Delivering video to employee’s mobile devices is one of the most important ways business communication is changing. Don’t miss the bus.

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