As online video use increases, there are more and more players that you can choose from. A new trend in this direction is HTML 5 video players, with Apple pushing it and Adobe building new products around it. Although it’s not fully adopted yet, there are plenty of reasons to start using it. Here are a few ways in which an HTML 5 Player can benefit your company:

  • Full browser support. HTML 5 is supported by almost all modern browsers so companies can reach a much wider audience.
  • Mobile Device support. HTML 5 video player is supported on almost all mobile operating systems, delivering a rich viewing experience to iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Easy to customize. HTML 5 video can be easily personalized to fit your needs.  There are a number of design options such as reflections, gradients, borders, opacity, transitions, animations and so on. We all want better interactions and HTML 5 lets users interact with content instead of just looking at it.
  • Quick to integrate and easy to manage. HTML 5 uses built-in tags to easily integrate to your web-page. Tags can be used to control video and also lets you loop and auto play videos.
  • Smarter storage. HTML 5 comes with a new local storage feature that lets data persist even after the browser is closed on the client side. It offers better security and performance.

HTML 5 is the future,  Start using it now so that you don’t get left behind.