An audience of 434,000 doesn’t rank as a Top Ten YouTube video, but it’s a decent-sized viral hit.  It’s also the size of the internal audience IBM targeted with CEO Virginia Rometty’s employee video last month after IBM announced disappointing earnings. 

Enterprises are increasingly using video as a communication tool when they need their employees to change, and change fast.  What company doesn’t need that these days?  IBM’s Rometty used her opportunity to tell IBMers to speed up their shift to new business opportunities, and to encourage them to call attention to anything blocking their ability to move faster.

Video is personal. It’s direct. It’s real in a way that words on a page or in an email will never be.

It’s not a trivial exercise to send a video to all employees in a company the size of IBM. But the bigger a company is, the more benefit can be gleaned from the engagement and knowledge transfer possible with a uniform, universal, and personal message via a CEO video.

That’s why the CEO webcast movement began with the largest companies. But it is spreading to smaller firms. The superiority of video as a comprehensive communication tool is now apparent to even small- and mid-size firms.

Video has become a standard tool in the employee communications toolbox – one that is pulled out when real work needs to be done.