Employees continue to bring their Social and Mobile habits to the workplace. First it was smart phones, then DropBox; the latest consumer technology that employees are bringing to work is video for communication and collaboration.

Earlier this year, Qumu sponsored a study on employee use of video within enterprise portals.  The 500 respondents in the US and the UK provided some eye-opening insights on video’s growing role in their jobs. In nutshell, employees are using video today on their enterprise portals, whether or not tools are in place to support them.

First, the good news: companies have been searching for ways to increase employee engagement and accelerate knowledge transfer to be more competitive. Video has been proven effective to achieve this. In the past, the challenge has been getting employees to adopt this new way to communicate. The survey results indicate that this challenge is fading.  Eighty percent of respondents said that their colleagues are engaged, prepared or ready for both the creation and sharing of video.

Now the bad news:  Ninety-two percent of respondents see a need for better video support in their enterprise portal. About half feel that employees are willing to leverage enterprise video but lack the knowledge or tools to make it happen.

This shouldn’t be a big surpriuse to anyone. Portals are by nature complex. Big ships are slow to turn, and the increase in video adoption among employees has been recent and abrupt.

All of the major portal platforms are working on – and many offer – ways to add video capabilities to their portals. Here are some things to consider when talking to your portal provider about integrating video into your portal:

  • The ease of adding video capability to existing deployments. Video can be integrated into the leading portals without major disruption to users or infrastructure, but it requires thoughtful planning. 
  • How video will be used in your business. There are many use cases for video, from YouTube-style collaboration to live streamed global broadcasts.  Understand your need before deploying a solution.
  • The impact on network infrastructure. Adding video to portal pages is not the hard part – it’s managing the increase in data traffic that results from increased video usage.

Video is being used on your enterprise portal today. Get ahead of this trend and make it into a strategic advantage rather than a liability. 

Detailed survey results