In Qumu’s recent survey of SharePoint users in Germany, France and the UK, two major themes running through the results were training and video. 

That’s not a coincidence.

SharePoint, training and video go hand in hand in hand. SharePoint is an obvious platform for training initiatives – for companies already invested in SharePoint, why not leverage what’s in place?  And training departments are increasingly turning to video to achieve the engagement and deep connection required to successfully transfer complex ideas.

Key findings from the survey:

  • 60% of those surveyed provide training through SharePoint
  • 48% view improving training resources as a top priority for their SharePoint environment
  • 53% believe that making user experience more engaging would have a positive impact on their company’s culture.

Mobile is key

Also interesting is that 35% viewed mobile support as important for their company culture. Mobile is a key consideration when architecting your company’s video training solution on SharePoint: lack of a mobile option can inhibit adoption and engagement, especially for younger staff.

One large telecom retail company trains their in-store sales reps with videos that they view on whatever phone they happen to be using.  That’s no small feat, given the variety of devices in their environment.  But for the retailer, it’s worth the effort to engage these young, distractable employees and quickly adjust their selling behavior on a weekly or even daily basis.

For European trainers, it seems that video on SharePoint is the next best thing to being there. And having that video on mobile devices is even better.