Video is the fastest growing content in business today. And while you probably see that growth in your business, in the country you live in, in the language you converse with – it is happening across the globe in equal measure.

That’s because social/mobile/video technology has changed the way we communicate on a personal level no matter where we live, and these new habits come with us to work:

  • US companies are streaming 16 hours of video per worker per month
  • 27% of Germans use their smartphones to view videos
  • Saudi Arabia is a leader in YouTube mobile playbacks
  • Brits collectively watch 240 million hours of video per month
  • Enterprise video grew 33% in Asia Pacific in 2011

We see this trend at Qumu in two ways: our customers headquartered in countries around the world all have similar needs, and our customers often deploy their video networks globally to connect all of their employees.

Video is global because communication is too, and businesses the world over are constantly looking for ways to better connect their far flung teams.

 Global video growth v3