Academy Awards

As I watched the Academy Awards the other night, it occurred to me that video is the diva of enterprise content:

  • She requires more space than other content
  • She creates network traffic jams wherever she goes
  • She demands to be treated in very special ways
  • She won’t perform unless everything is just right

Video is hard to store, hard to process, and hard to distribute. Streaming an all-company live event has melted more than one corporate network; video blogging and other social business applications will create even bigger challenges as video volumes exponentially grow.

And yet enterprises put up with all of video’s antics because they need what she has to offer:

Increased employee engagement

The “extended enterprise” is creating a gap in employee communication. Employees have less face time and hallway camaraderie. Videos are being used to fill the gap with engaging top-down and peer-to-peer communication.

Social collaboration

As corporations begin to fill with Digital Natives, video is becoming an expected form of communication. Personal video connects employees at a deeper level than text, and adoption is growing. For example, Qumu’s Video Control Center allows IBM Connections users to video blog from any page.

Accelerated learning

Large national retailers are now using video as a point-of-sale training tool.  Employees watch video on their personal phones launched from QR codes posted in-store for the latest product information or store display examples.  Video provides highly efficient knowledge with a tool that Millennials are comfortable using.

Yes, video is high maintenance.  But we love her and will go to great lengths to get her to perform.  Because when she does, we are inspired.