Businesses accumulate incredible amounts of information over time. Getting the most from this collective knowledge has spawned an industry and is a critical success factor in today’s fast-changing business environment.

Video has grown to become a significant share of enterprise content. How do corporations take full advantage of the knowledge buried within their videos?

As part of the launch of Qumu’s Video Control Center Speech Search capability, we surveyed business executives on the value of automatically indexing the spoken words from enterprise video.

Some findings stand out:

  • 84% say that most or almost all of the information they rely on is not written down.
  • Business meetings and training videos are the most valuable candidates for spoken word search.
  • Employees benefit more than any other audience from spoken word search of the company’s video content.
The infographic below shows the results of the survey in more detail.
As video continues to grow in importance within organizations, getting full value from this knowledge asset will become a knowledge management priority.