The Consumerization of IT is often blamed for Bring Your Own Device and other disruptive changes to IT infrastructure happening in most companies today. But the impact of this trend goes beyond IT.

The same concept applies to the content and communications flowing to your staff across that infrastructure. People not only want consumer-style tools, they want consumer-style communications.

The Consumerization of Corporate Communications

The Consumerization of Corporate Communications means that employees don’t want to read “spam” style corporate emails. Sending messages multiple times doesn’t increase communication; it annoys your staff and increases the chance that they’ll ignore you in the future.

Your employees will respond to brief, real-time messages with links to other content. They value authenticity in communications. They like to watch video.

If you’re OK with direct mail “open” rates from your employees, keep sending them All Employee messages that don’t apply to them.

We’ve seen lots of communications innovation happening with companies using our Qumu Video Control Center. They are streaming video to their employees inside and outside their facilities to deliver important business news.  They’re enabling their employees to use video and other content to collaborate with each other in the same way they are used to sharing with their friends and family.

Changing your IT infrastructure without changing your communications practices is a missed opportunity and a largely wasted investment.