Interesting data from the Wall Street Journal: it costs more than ten times as much for advertisers to reach consumers via television than on mobile devices.  Mass advertising is going the way of the dinosaur.

Mass-posting of content on an employee website is the corporate equivalent of television advertising.  Effectively reaching employees requires a more targeted approach, for the same basic reasons that the ad world is going mobile:

  • Your employees expect content that’s targeted at them.
  • They demand current, even real-time content.
  • They want what’s important to literally be put in their hands – pushed to their mobile devices.
  • They expect content to remain fresh and relevant.
  • They can’t afford to sort through multiple versions of the same information.

Progressive corporations are migrating to enterprise-wide video communication platforms like Qumu’s Video Control Center to keep their extended enterprises connected and engaged. These companies can reach their people like never before, wherever they happen to be.

Tools like Qumu VCC do for corporate communicators what mobile advertising does for advertisers: creates an efficient and engaging connection, on whatever device they may have at hand.

The days of using a passive mass-posting approach for employee communication and collaboration are over. Engage them where they are: on their mobile devices.