The CEO of Singapore Telecom uses this phrase to describe the telco market’s traditional fixed line business, in contrast to SingTel’s move towards wireless.

In content distribution, the “big, fat, dumb pipe” is the traditional Internet. Whether it’s business content being shared between employees, customer-facing product information or consumer entertainment, the default remains the web.

The great thing about big, fat, dumb pipes is that they’re easy and cheap. But just as personal communications are rapidly shifting from fixed to wireless networks, content consumption behaviors are changing.

Putting things on the web is no longer enough. Companies need to intelligently push their content to their users on all of their devices. They need to direct the right information to the right person at the time they need it.

We’re seeing our customers innovate in this area with our Qumu video streaming and Signal secure content distribution platforms. Across their extended enterprises, these businesses are reaching their employees – and employees are reaching each other – in a new way. They’re successfully adapting to new user behaviors and technology to increase productivity and engagement in their businesses.

This is not easy, nor is it free. But it is necessary. Like the telcos, businesses that don’t find a way to move beyond their big, fat, dumb pipes will be left further and further behind.

Photo courtesy of the Jerusalem Post