How much of your sensitive corporate data lives beyond your intentional IT infrastructure on your unmanaged, unintentional infrastructure?

Your intentional IT infrastructure is the one you’ve invested in, built processes around, and have developed over time to securely manage your corporate data.

Your unintentional infrastructure is the consumer-oriented applications and devices – Dropbox, Box, tablets and phones – that are being used by your employees, with uneven regard to your data’s safety and security.

This is a tremendous challenge. These applications are tempting to executives and other employees, and are difficult to stop.

Yet allowing them free reign in your enterprise takes IT out of the loop for data security. At GigaOm Structure, Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies wondered if using these tools for company business creates a legal risk.

One solution is to find a way to provide the function of these services in a secure application that can be managed centrally. It needs to be consumer-friendly on the outside, with enterprise-level security and controls on the inside. Rimage’s Signal Online Publishing is an example of the emerging solutions that fill this gap.

Take ownership of your unintentional IT infrastructure before it burns you. What you don’t know can hurt you.